** COVID-19 Guidance **

At present we are asking anyone interested in getting involved in the allotment to Email : to book an introduction and safe visit. Consideration has been made to follow Covid 19 Guidance allowing for social distancing, washing stations when we have visitors and no use of our indoor space at present. The space is open air with multiple entrances and adequate pathways. We are not sharing gloves and if you get hands on we will walk you through our Covid Risk assessment so the health of yourself and others are approached in the best way we can in the present circumstances. Mostly we'd love to meet you and invite you back, but we are being cautious and will only meet in small groups of 6 or under at present. For now we will keep up to date with the government guidance and inform you of any changes in the future!

Grow! Community Allotment is situated at Plot 55 in the Dark Lane Allotments.  Everyone and anyone is welcome to come down and get involved, whether that is with planning, construction, painting, weeding, growing or simply to enjoy the surroundings with a cup of tea and some fine conversation. 

If you're visiting with a satnav, use the postcode EN7 5EB to find your way.


More than just gardening or growing food, Permaculture is about creating a community, both human and non-human, in a way that is deeply interconnected. The principles of permaculture have played a role in guiding the development of the allotment space and the things which grow there, as well as all the projects we are involved in organising.

Follow the link below to find out more about permaculture, whole system design and to access an awesome free online learning tool.